Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shoe Organization and Donation

IHeart Organizing's challenge this week is entry ways and the living room.  Since a lot of people kick off their shoes in the entry way she challenged us to organize our shoes and donate the ones we no longer need to a good cause.  Here is my handy work:

First where my shoes used to be...
 Our Entryway...
 My Fall and Winter Boots...
 My Cute Boots...
 A Pile in my Craft Room Closet...
 A Pile in our Closet... and yes that is a rollerblade and no I don't know where the mate is...
Oh, and in a cubby too!

And to compare... here are my hubby's shoes.

That's right... three pair. LOL

I bought two shoe organizers, one for the entryway and one for my dress shoes.  Here are my dress shoes all paired up and put away.  This one went under our bed.  The entryway one will have my flip flops, running shoes, and one pair of dress shoes on it but it will be a bit before I can set it up.  We have things in the way right now.  More organizing! Woot.

And these will be going to the on post thrift store.  Each month junior enlisted families can get 15 articles of clothing for free and shoes are included.  I hope these shoes find an owner who'll actually wear them and not shove them in the back of the closet like I did.  I have many more to donate later but they are all still packed away in boxes for now.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Want To Do List

I'm taking a new spin on the to-do list. I have three problems with the traditional to-do list that always leaves it undone and me exhausted and frustrated. 
1) It only lists things I need to do which is daunting and can be discouraging when nothing gets checked off.
2) Those things I "need" to do really aren't needs, at least not most of them.  My priorities and pressures on myself are in the wrong places.
3) I rarely take the time to take care of myself, hence the exhausted and frustrated feeling. 

I've devised a way to fix all those issues.  I am going to put it all, my household chores and self care items, on my Want To Do List.  So, without further ado, here is my new list.  I was reviewing it last night and I've already finished some items. Go me!

My Want To Do List:
  • Get a perm
  • Get a pedicure in a massage chair
  • Buy our own massage chair
  • Organize the display unit downstairs
  • Organize and downsize the kitchen
  • Organize and downsize our book collection
  • Decorate my craft room/sanctuary
  • Decorate LB's room
  • Go through and donate unneeded clothes
  • Unpack the rest of our boxes
  • Hold a garage sale
  • Finish clearing the upstairs landing area
  • Decide what the upstairs landing area will be used for and name it as a room
  • Make a household binder
  • Write up our wills
  • Organize important papers and scrap items
  • Sell unneeded items on Craigslist/Ebay
  • Get a canvas photo for above our couch
  • Hang the stairway curtains on the window instead
  • Sell, Donate, and Trash more!
Daily Want To Do List:
  • Do my Bible study daily
  • Sip coffee and read/work on blogs/blog designs
  • Exercise daily
  • Play with and read to LB
  • Have cuddle and talk time with the hubby
  • Get LB's toys out of walkways and straighten the living room before bed
  • Take a hot bath when relaxation is needed
  • Do dishes and laundry when needed
  • Wipe down toilets, sinks, baths as needed
  • Dust and vacuum as needed

Friday, March 11, 2011

A Little Prayer

Could we take just a moment and say a prayer for Japan and all those in the pacific region who are suffering from this earthquake and tsunamis?  Let us pray and meditate on their safety over the next few days.  Let the emergency relief personnel find all those who might be trapped alive.  Let them stay safe in rescuing the stranded.  Let the healing and rebuilding come smoothly for the people effected.  Let God's love show through this tragedy.

Thank you.  I have a very good friend stationed in Okinawa and when I heard last night, at nearly midnight here, that the earthquake had been the largest recorded my heart skipped a beat.  Thankfully he was logged online and after a few agonizing minutes he responded that he had felt nothing.  As you may have read, the earthquake hit mainland Japan.  He is alright, and it looks as though our military men and women in Hawaii will be fine too, but the people of Japan and any Americans visiting there are going to be healing for quite some time after this natural disaster.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Thank God for Mother's Intuition

or I Cried All Night Thinking What Could Have Happened...

Last night as we were getting LB ready for bed I noticed he was chewing on something.  I assumed it was a pea or piece of turkey from dinner stuck in his teeth.  He did the same thing after he had hamburger for the first time and stopped as soon as we brushed his teeth.  But as I was changing his diaper he refused his binkie so I thought I ought to check.  I hooked a finger in his mouth and felt something hard.  He didn't let it go so I parked his butt on the changing table, grabbed his little neck to hold his head in place and hooked my finger in there again.  I finally got it out and to our shock and horror, it was a large, hard piece of plastic.  The dog must have pushed it under the gate because it was a piece of one of his chew toys.  At first I was just shocked but after we kissed him goodnight, laid him down in his crib, and went to our room I started bawling.  If he had gone to bed with that in his mouth I doubt he would have woken up.  All I can say is Thank God for that nagging voice in my mind when it comes to my family. 

God has spoken to my heart about many a thing in my life that just didn't seem "right".  I came home from work early one day to find my ex fiance cheating on me; I had dream after dream about a man I detested but after giving him a chance he turned out to be the love of my life; and on several occasions I have turned down a different street out of no where only to find out later that there was a deadly crash on the road I always take.  But this was by and far the hardest realization to deal with.  Just think how it would have been had I not listened to that still small voice.  It just breaks my heart to think about it.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Date Night

I had a date last night with two very charming men. Well, one isn't quite a man yet... but he's growing oh so fast! His little face is lengthening and every day he looks less and less like my little baby boy. He and his "dada" took me out for dinner last night. My husband and I had planned on having a "financial date night" once a week just to touch base, sit down together, and go through out monthly budget and see how we are doing. I am working on the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class again and getting some great ideas on our money. DH stays home with LB so I can concentrate on class and get some away from baby time. I think they enjoy "boys night in" as well. So, we invented the financial date night so I could teach DH what I've learned that week and we can decide if and how to apply it to our lives. My plan was just to actually sit at the dining table once a week and go over it after dinner but DH had other plans.

At lunch he asked me if I had plans for dinner. I quickly tried to think of something but eventually told him the truth... "no, not really, why?" He asked if I would like to go out to eat for our first date night so I wouldn't have to worry about fixing dinner. We hadn't gone out to eat in several months so I said sure! When he got home that night I was in the closet trying on 20 different shirts. He watched me for a while until I turned around and said "I have a date tonight and I can't decide what to wear! What should I wear?" We just laughed because we both know he couldn't care less what I wear so long as we are together. I finally decided on jeans, a black sweater shirt with a wide neckline that can be folded over several different ways, some silver flower jewelry, and my new black soft leather heeled boots which I wore perfectly in the snow lol. I completely forgot my camera last night so I'll have to recreate my outfit and add pictures later. Maybe I can re-create LB's outfit too. He was so charming in his baby jeans, polo shirt and brown loafers (all found in thrift stores btw woot woot!)

It was a nice dinner overall. As long as LB had something in front of him to eat he was fine.  My dinner was AMAZING! It was chicken, smothered in a cream sauce, on top of potatoes au gratin, squash, carrots, broccoli stalks, and peppers, topped with mounds of crab meat, artichoke hearts and mushrooms. It was absolutely decadent! ...and LB wanted to eat it. He is just starting to show interest in what we are eating and he does this half moan- half cry when he wants whatever it is we are having. Of course we didn't think a smothered chicken with seafood on top was very healthy for a 14 month old so I just cut up some of my potatoes for him to munch on.

This restaurant has a dessert tray that they bring to the table and out of the 40 or so times we have eaten there, we've been shown the tray every time and ordered dessert only once so last night we ordered another dessert. DH choose the chocolate mousse and I am in love! I don't know that I've ever had chocolate mousse before but now I need to make some! Overall it was a lovely evening. Next time we are going to ask my friend to babysit though...
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