Saturday, September 4, 2010

Babm Challenge - Day 4 Bring Your Sexy Back

Um, so...I actually did do something sexy today... I shocked myself, and my husband.

He is on staff duty for 24 hours and I called to see how his day was.  It wasn't going well so I joked "You could come home for dinner and I'll *beep* you and make it all better; I mean kiss you; No, I mean *beep* you!"  Well you know what?  He came home for dinner!  We didn't have much time... but I threw on a cute blouse and skirt anyways and we made out like we did in college.  I felt pretty darn sexy.  I think tonight I might put on a silky robe.... DH won't be home, but I'll feel sexy nonetheless.  He'll be home tomorrow morning and I'll be well rested. *teehee*

What do you do to feel sexy?
I put on some sexy music and dance around the house.
I daydream about how things were between DH and I when we first met.
I put on some sexy undies, even if no one else knows it (sometimes especially when no one else knows).

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