Sunday, September 5, 2010

Babm Challenge - Day 5 Time For Yourself

Oh... this one is always a hard one isn't it?  Well, DH and I did make some plans for this a couple weeks back but I've yet to actually do it.  We decided that we would each be "splurging" a bit on ourselves.  He needs massages which I'm not too good at, and frankly, due to my depression don't always want to give.  And I need to relax away from the baby, and cat, and puppy, and house.... you get the idea.  So he'll be seeing a masseuse once a month and I'll be getting my nails or hair done, most likely pedicures since they are my favorite.  I have a thing about the feel and sound of filing that just irks me sometimes on my hands but not my feet.  Plus, who can turn down leaning back in a comfy massage chair for an hour and having someone massage your tired, swollen feet?  I always have to sit straight as an arrow when getting manicures and then worry for hours that I'll smudge my paint... so not relaxing.

I suppose I should lay out some ideas to relax at home when I'm having a particularly rough day or for when DH deploys and I morph into a single parent.

  • Take long (maybe when LB is napping?) hot baths
  • Bundle up the baby, strap him in his stroller and go for a walk (He always falls right to sleep)
  • Drink a cup of French vanilla coffee, s l o w l y...
  • Order a favorite movie from Netflix... I get the excitement of getting mail and the calm of watching it
  • Watch the baby sleeping and sigh contently (lol that one is always nice after a rough day with him)
  • Sit in my hobby room (once I have it set up...) and read a good book, probably with coffee and a snuggly blanket!
What do you do when you take time just for yourself?

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