Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mirrored Walls

I am in love with these mirrored walls!  Our bed is pretty big and our bedroom is small... so these would really make it look larger.  What do you think?

I like this last one the best.  We already have the Mr. and Mrs. bedside tables in the forms of a dresser and vanity.  I really want to install a crystal chandelier over the bed too.

I so just got the insane idea to move our bedroom from one side of the house to the other... I had put it in one of the small bedrooms so it was closer to the bathroom and baby, but maybe I should move it to the "den" and move my guest/craft room to the small room we are in now.  I'd love to have a couple of sitting chairs or a bench at the end of the bed and there is no way it will fit in the standard 10X10 room.  The "den" is 15X25 (I think).
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