Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Surprise! We're Having Dinner Guests

DH called home at lunch today just to see how I was doing and to make sure my day was going well.  Sweet right?  He happened to mention that a coworker and his wife are coming over this Friday for dinner, which he thought he had already told me... NOPE!

*insert minor freak out here...*

Okay, I need to finish vacuuming, unclutter the kitchen and office, and finish cleaning the bathroom... no problem.  Then, as I was breaking down everything that needed to be done so I didn't forget something... I remembered that our table is covered in boxes of baby diapers, baby food, paper towels... pretty much everything non-refrigerated from my last Sam's trip AND it's shoved in the corner of the breakfast nook.  There is no way 4 people (and a high chair unless LB happens to be napping) are going to fit around that table!

*insert major freak out here!*

I had planned on moving some things.... okay practically everything... around in our house over the next couple of weeks, not days!  Here is the break down of what I had planned:
  • Move our Master bedroom into the "den" (which is only half way cleared out right now)
    • This includes moving the mattresses, breaking down the bed frame and putting it back together in the den... where the hell is our phillips screwdriver?!
  • Move my crafting area (and the full bed in the nursery) to what is now the master bedroom
  • Move the rocking chair from the master bedroom into the nursery where the full bed is now
  • Move the recliner from the living room to the "den" when it becomes the new master bedroom
  • Move the dining table where the craft area used to be
  • Move the puppy's area from the middle of the kitchen out of the way to the breakfast nook area
Now, if I just skip the bedroom moving, and move the craft area into the den and the dining room table into the craft area I could have it done by tomorrow... but my craft area stuff is so heavy that I wouldn't want to later move it all the way back across the house to our bedroom and the bed to the den.  (The craft area is currently right outside our bedroom door.) Oi!  I have no idea what to do.  The den won't be cleared out enough to accept the bed and dresser for another week unless I spend all day and night in there sorting.  It's taken me months to get this far so I really don't see me huddling down in there and cleaning all day today.

I guess my only options are to short hand it and deal with dragging my craft room across the house some other day, or sucking it up and getting it all done tonight.  Can you think of any other options?  Oh and on that note of needing advice... where should I put my exercise gear?!  I have an AbLounge, Exercise ball, Power Rider, and Elliptical machine that need to be somewhere out of the way yet able to be used.  I was thinking either in the living room and putting up a screen since they are ugly, or the bedroom.  Is it bad to have exercise equipment in the bedroom?  It's not very romantic...

UPDATE:  OMG you guys are so sweet!  Thank you so much for wanting to come help and for telling me to relax about it all.  Lol... I decided to stop being lazy and just do it... and I did!  I feel pumped!  I think I'll move the rest of the stuff tomorrow though because I think I just moved like 300lbs and I don't want to injure myself.   Thanks again ladies, y'all are amazing!
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