Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Versatile Award

Rebecca, at The Blessings of Modern Domestication, awarded my blog the Versatile Award.  I am so honored that she thought of me.  As of late, I really have tried to vary my posts and I hope my readers are enjoying the change in pace.

As per the rules of accepting this award, here are seven facts you may not know about me:
  1. I can in fact live on 3 hours of sleep per night... and have for several months now.
  2. I love to bake, much to my diet's dismay.
  3. I secretly wish LB would slow down and hold off on walking for several more months.  He learned how to walk last week and he's already pulling up.
  4. I hate doing dishes!  But... I put on some rock music and a sexy apron to do them because it makes the hubby happy not to have dirty dishes in the sink.  (He doesn't mind the dishes actually, he worries that I am depressed again if I don't do them.)
  5. I have battled depression for ten years now.  Still haven't won the war, but I've beat every battle so far, including PPD.
  6. It has taken me 9 months, 5 of which were spent with PPD, to set a daily schedule for LB and I.  He seems to like it alright... I just wish he'd sleep longer at night.... *stupid molar! Just break through already!*
  7. I love to craft... but most of the time I am too tired or lazy to actually create anything.  So, I've become a crafting supplies collector instead.

Here are 15 bloggers that I think are versatile:
  1. The Mama Trials
  2. Jenn's Journey
  3. The Girl Next Door
  4. Sweet Jeanette
  5. My Kids Are My World
  6. Jenn's World In Pictures
  7. Feeding My Family of Five
  8. My Beautiful Creations
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